Commercial Aluminium Windows And Aluminium Doors In Melbourne

Keilor Aluminium Windows and Shopfronts (KAW) is an experienced small to mid-size commercial aluminium window fabrication projects servicing the city Melbourne, Australia. The Vantage range of residential windows and doors have become the favourite choice of Architects and Building Designers with innovative performance and design features delivering outstanding outcomes in residential and architectural residential construction.Architects and builders recommend aluminium windows and doors for their strength, durability, and lasting value.
Reduce convective heat transfer through windows with snugly fitted blinds and curtains with pelmets that trap a layer of still air next aluminum window to the window. From multi-story buildings to residential properties, G&B Aluminium can provide what it needs, no matter the scale.

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), window manufacturers are required to supply windows and glazed doors that meet mandatory minimum specifications for structural sufficiency and water penetration resistance under Australian Standard (AS) 2047, Windows in buildings, selection and installation.
With over 10 years experience in the industry, Total Aluminium proudly fabricate a diverse and stylish range of products, including aluminium windows, aluminium awning windows, double glazed windows, aluminium doors, aluminium sliding doors, aluminium double glazed doors, aluminium bi-fold doors and aluminium french doors.

Sliding performance for doors and Windows: Slider for door and windows are manufactured with using high standard lubricant but still particles like plaster and mortar dust get absorb and result into drying surface; to avoid this, best to spray silicon lubricant.
We offer a full complement of aluminium and timber windows and doors including - sliding windows, louvre windows, bi-fold windows, double hung windows, awning windows, casement windows, sashless windows, sliding doors, stacking doors, bi-fold doors, hinged doors, french doors all in residential and commercial architectural styles.
From awning to sliding stackers, bi-folds and window frames; we manufacture beautiful custom design windows and doors in Melbourne that will feature in any home. Heat is transferred through windows and glazed doors as air moves through gaps around operable sashes, from outside to inside or vice versa.

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